Mary J. Blige Calls Nicki Minaj Leak 'Not Fair'

'But I'm over it,' she tells MTV News of unfinished 'Feel Inside' hitting the Web.

It's especially hard nowadays to keep new music under wraps. Just ask [artist id="854"]Mary J Blige[/artist], whose purported collaboration with [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist] on a song called "Feel Inside" prematurely surfaced online a few weeks ago.

Soon after the leak, Blige's camp revealed that, while the duo are working on a track together for the singer's new album, My Life II ... The Journey Continues (dropping October 4), the song that hit the blogosphere was the result of two different studio sessions and not the real thing.

MTV News recently caught up with Blige to get her take on the leak, and she was none too pleased.

"I was pissed about the leaking of the Nicki Minaj and Mary J Blige record, because that's not fair and people shouldn't do that," she said bluntly. "But I'm over it. We move on. We're going to make more hot music."

Asked what other special guests can be expected on the forthcoming project, MJB remained coy, saying she didn't want to reveal any other featured collaborators until "maybe a month from now" to make sure everything is "etched in stone."

While Blige didn't dish too many details about her and Minaj's collabo, songwriter Andrea Martin (Melanie Fiona, Leona Lewis), the woman who penned the tune, did offer some insight into the Harajuku Barbie-assisted track.

"It was a surprise to know that Nicki Minaj jumped on the song and nobody wanted to tell me. I was like 'What's going on? What's going on?' " Martin told MTV News. "It's just such a great thing. I've always wanted to work with Mary J. Blige, and I finally got the chance to, and it was a good time for me to prove myself that I can write songs for you, baby."

For fans who are still waiting for the finalized collabo to surface, they'll be happy to hear that the song is tentatively scheduled to be one of the project's first singles, with MJB's camp already scouting a video director for the song.

As for whether Martin felt any pressure to deliver material for the sequel to the singer's 1994 breakthrough My Life LP, the songwriter simply said Blige "knows what she wants."

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