Joe Jonas Appreciates Fan Support For Fast Life

'See No More' singer 'got the reaction right away' on debut solo single.

[artist id="1349827"]Joe Jonas[/artist] seems to be getting all the support he needs from his fans as he embarks on releasing his solo album, Fast Life, this September. The album will be an intimate look at the inner monologue of the Jonas Brother.

While it's a bit of a scary process going at it without his brothers, he said fan feedback is making the transition a lot easier. "I was really excited," he told MTV News about hearing fans' comments. "I love the world we live in where you can know what people are thinking right away."

He added that while much of the response has been positive, he's also cool with any criticism that might come his way. "I guess you like it and you don't like it, but I like it because [my single] 'See No More,' when it released on iTunes, I got the reaction right away of what people are thinking."

The song's video also got tons of feedback, but long before the video dropped, it took a little work getting it all together.

"The video kind of came together with a concept I had using a house as a metaphor to show destruction of a heart or of the mind," he explained. "The first director didn't work out. I kept fighting to find the right treatment."

That right treatment put Joe in an "almost dream world with a house where the house is falling apart, the house is on fire, there's explosions," he explained. "And I'm a guy, so I was immediately really excited about that."

So, how does "See No More" co-writer Chris Brown feel about the release? "He's really pumped for the song and he gave his support, which was really cool," Jonas said.

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