Rihanna Focused On Career, Not Men

'It can definitely be intimidating to guys to date someone in this industry,' singer tells Cosmopolitan U.K.

Rihanna is like an open book when it comes to her views on the opposite sex. In the new issue of Cosmopolitan U.K., the pop star says that these days she's all about the chase, mostly because she doesn't have time for much else.

"I'm open to love. But guys should have to earn it. Because the minute they get it, they want something else," Rihanna said. "Men are like hunters: they like the chase. So you have to keep 'em guessing. Actually, I'm like that too. I get bored quickly. So if someone can make me laugh, that's the best."

Currently on a summer tour, Rihanna says that most guys have a hard time wrapping their head around the fact that she's a very busy person with a very bustling career. " It can definitely be intimidating to guys to date someone in this industry," she said. "It's really hard to find a guy who doesn't care about that stuff. Right now, it's easier just having my career to focus on."

After a string of high-profile relationships with Chris Brown, Matt Kemp and maybe even Drake, the singer is currently single. Rihanna's relationship with Brown left her in a very vulnerable place after an assault in early 2009.

"It was a very aggressive and defensive time, and that allowed me to start not giving a sh--. I walked around with a very f--- you attitude," Rihanna said in the issue. "I've always been good at masking my emotions. For me, it's tougher to be vulnerable than to be tough."