'Horrible Bosses' Stars Talk 'Swapping Spit' With Jennifer Aniston

Aniston welcomed her co-stars 'with an open lab coat,' Jason Sudeikis tells MTV News.

If you haven't heard anything about the upcoming comedy "Horrible Bosses," there are really only two things to know about the film in order to understand its appeal: It's rated R and stars Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston, plus several other excellent supporting roles and cameos to look out for.

The movie revolves around three friends (Sudeikis, Bateman and Day) who are so fed up with their bosses (Farrell, Spacey and Aniston) that they decide to kill them.

As you can see from the cast list, the guy/girl ratio is a bit skewed, so when MTV News caught up with the leading men, we asked how Aniston fit into the mix of things. Naturally, the boys took a seemingly innocent inquiry into highly inappropriate territory.

"You don't welcome her; she welcomes you," said Day, whose character Dale is the victim of some serious sexual harassment at the hands of Aniston's character Julia. "She's the heavy in the room."

"Jason and I, unfortunately, we did not get to swap talent spit, as it were," Bateman pointed out, before the three funnymen digressed into an off-topic back-and-forth about what "swapping talent spit" means and where the phrase originated.

"Errol Flynn used to say that," Sudeikis said of the legendary actor known for his onscreen swashbuckling and offscreen debauchery.

"It started in the Poconos, actually," Bateman jokingly corrected.

"Flynn used to spit all over people," Day added. "It wasn't swapping so much as receiving."

"Charlie did all the talent with Jennifer," Bateman said, attempting to get the group back on topic.

Day revealed that Aniston did, indeed, welcome him into their scene work. "With an open lab coat," Sudeikis added, alluding to one of the many scenes in which Day's character finds himself in an uncomfortable scenario with Aniston's.

"And an open labia," Bateman chimed in, which drew groans from his co-stars.

"I'm not touchin' that," Day said.

"It's spelled the same!" Bateman said in mock protest.

"This is MTV!" Sudeikis exclaimed, hinting that Bateman's comment was over the line, even for us. "The network that brought us 'Skins'!"

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