Jill Scott 'Still Tripping' Off #1 Album

'I know I only got a week!' she laughs to MTV News about a chart bump from Beyoncé's 4.

NEW ORLEANS Jill Scott was still catching her breath when we caught up with her after a jubilant show at the 2011 Essence Music Festival. But from what we could gather, she may well have been having her best week ever.

Not only was she coming off of a "sick" Saturday night lineup that included crooner El DeBarge, the legendary Chaka Khan and Kanye West, Jilly from Philly was also celebrating her brand-new disc, The Light of the Sun, which entered the Billboard albums chart at #1, the first of her career. MTV News asked the "Golden" singer how she reacted to the feat.

"I didn't see that coming," she admitted. "I guess every artist hopes people will appreciate what they do and enjoy them, but I didn't see it coming," Scott gushed. "I'm still tripping off it."

And while the sequin-clad songstress — in top form after shedding several lb's — was savoring the moment, she wasn't anticipating holding onto the peak position. A certain diva seemed poised to turn her 4 into a 1, Scott acknowledged with a smile.

"I know I only got a week! You know, Beyoncé's coming out," she laughed, "and she's amazing. And I know I got a week, but I'm so glad I got my week. I'm enjoying it, I'm lavishing in it."

Like B's album, Sun marks Scott's fourth release, and she touched on its overarching themes. In recent years, the star of HBO's "No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" endured a divorce from longtime love Lyzel Williams (he inspired some of the material on her lauded '01 debut, Who Is Jill Scott?) and then found love again with her drummer Lil' John Roberts only to have the curtains come down on that romance as well. Her personal ups and downs appear to have colored her latest disc.

"The Light of the Sun is really about growing up; it's about facing yourself. It's about passion, weaknesses, falling short from grace, getting lost in the flesh. ... It's all about coming out of darkness and coming into light."

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