Ryan Dunn Remembered In Tribute Video

Montage was played at 'Jackass' star's memorial earlier this week.

Earlier this week, Ryan Dunn's family, friends and loved ones gathered at a memorial held at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles to mourn the "Jackass" star's death. During the service, a very moving video tribute was played to honor Dunn, the second half of which was cut together by "Jackass" co-star Rick Kosick, and includes a song for Dunn by Roger Alan Wade, "The Light Outlives the Star."

"Ryan was really crazy about my cousin Roger," Johnny Knoxville said in a statement to MTV News. "He loved his music and really looked up to him. Rog' was equally as crazy about Ryan and, like everyone else, was shook by his passing. Rest in peace, brother. We love you."

The video tribute is a montage of Dunn's greatest hits, most of them "Jackass"-related, cut together in a moving and very funny way that only the guys at Dickhouse Productions know how.

For more tributes to Dunn, check out Dickhouse's website.

The five-and-a-half-minute video opens with the words "our brother" then cuts to a clip of Dunn walking in an office kitchen, saying hello to Wee-Man and subsequently being knocked to the ground by a giant hand (the same hand was a prominent feature in the "Antiquing" stunt in "Jackass 3-D"). This is followed by shots of Dunn riding an old-fashioned bicycle in a top hat and waistcoat, rolling off a roof in a large bucket, leaving a Port-o-Potty covered in blue paint, getting sprayed with mace while wearing a bear suit, "Poo Diving," getting kick-boxed by a female boxer, riding small motorbikes and attempting to jump lakes, getting launched in the air and falling into various bodies of waters (lakes and pools, mostly), Dunn in a series of crazy costumes, etc. There are shots of stunts gone wrong, Dunn mugging for the camera and plenty of pranking with his "Jackass" brothers.

The video ends with a shot of Dunn standing atop a jump ramp, dressed in a red-white-and-blue Evel Kneivel-like jumpsuit, motorcycle helmet in hand, kissing his hand and reaching it up in a silent prayer. That is followed by a shot of Dunn and Bam Margera laughing themselves silly in front of the London Bridge as Margera's chair breaks and he falls to the ground, still laughing. Before the screen goes black, the words "We love you Ryan" appear over Dunn's laughter.

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