Game Says His 'Pot Of Gold' Is 'Nothing Materialistic'

'To me, those coins are my family, my girl, my friends,' rapper tells MTV News on set of his new video.

They say money isn't everything, and on his new single, "Pot of Gold,"

the [artist id="1340778"]Game[/artist] casts material possessions aside in favor of the more important things in life. "You never grasp ahold of every coin in the pot, so you gotta take as much as you can," Game said of the song's concept on the Los Angeles set of his video on Tuesday. "To me, those coins are my family, my girl, my friends — nothing materialistic."

On the Chris Brown-assisted single, which will appear on Game's upcoming R.E.D. Album (August 23), the Compton, California, rapper contemplates his success in the face of the world's ills as CB sings about how he misses the days "when life was simple." It is that notion that ultimately shaped the video's direction.

"He wanted to do a concept that was kind of a tribute to everything that has influenced him over the years and got him to the place that he's at now," the video's director, Bryan Barber, said. "He had this real cool idea about the gold impala that N.W.A used in one of the videos and going to this house where he lived as a kid."

For Game, the video was also a chance to look back on his childhood and to connect with his own son by taking the youngster to daddy's old stomping grounds. "First scene is I'm up in this attic with all these Tupac posters and Snoop Dogg and just basketballs. It's sorta real reminiscent of my room growing up in my house," the West Coast spitter said. "I got my son in there. So it's like me bringing my son back to where I grew up because he doesn't know anything about that. He's spoiled, he lives far out, he goes to private school. So just showing him the things that existed and the daily routine when I was a kid."

As good as Game's intentions were, the shoot went a tad awry. California producer and Game collaborator Mars was robbed at gunpoint for some cash and jewels. He was on set during the shoot, but the actual robbery took place blocks away, according to a Game representative.

After the robbery, however, the producer sent a tweet putting things in perspective, as he too seems to value the intangibles over material possessions: "Can't believe I just got robbed! #thankgodimalive," Mars