Beyonce Surprises Fans At Harlem Target

Retail giant, meanwhile, promises that video exclusive for deluxe edition of 4 will be ready soon.

While traipsing the globe to promote 4, Beyoncé stopped by New York City's Harlem Target on Thursday to say hello to some of her young fans.

As the store celebrated its one-year anniversary, kids from the local Boys and Girls Club danced their hearts out onstage to Beyoncé's new track "Countdown." In the middle of the song, B took the stage and gave them a big group hug before letting them continue their routine.

"I'd like to thank the Boys and Girls Club for coming out. I hope y'all had fun learning the choreography to 'Countdown' today," she told the crowd, in footage posted on "I hope you guys enjoy the new album 4."

Beyoncé had a little bit of a commercial reason to show up at the Target store: The deluxe version of 4, which is set to debut at #1 on the Billboard albums chart, is available exclusively at the retail giant. But since the disc's release on Tuesday, fans have complained that some Targets didn't stock enough copies, and the promised exclusive video can't be accessed yet.

"Honestly, day one sales were fantastic for us, especially on the deluxe edition," John Butcher, Target's vice president of entertainment, told The Hollywood Reporter, assuring fans that Sony was delivering more CDs soon.

As for the promised exclusive director's cut of B's "Run the World (Girls)" video, Butcher explained that the clip wasn't quite ready for public consumption, but it should be ready shortly. "Beyoncé's team is still finalizing aspects of the content, and they just didn't want [it] to be released until it was perfect," he said. "We could have forced something through that wasn't right — it was our prerogative to do so — but we didn't want to do it. We certainly don't want to disappoint our guests. We believe they'd rather have the right content and wait a couple days than get something that wasn't going to be very special."