'True Blood' Star Ryan Kwanten Promises 'A Whole New Twist'

After the season-four premiere, Jason Stackhouse 'has to get out of that icebox, first and foremost,' the actor tells MTV News.

For anyone who tuned into the season-four premiere of HBO's southern vampy soap "True Blood" last Sunday, you were treated to a fangtastic, envelope-pushing blend of all the things that have made the show so popular. We're only one episode in, and already it looks like we can expect trouble from fairies, witches and werepanthers this season. (Lost already? Check out our "True Blood" season-four primer.)

One of the characters who has already found himself in trouble with the supernatural shifters is Jason Stackhouse, played by Ryan Kwanten. The last we saw of him, he'd been trying to bring a bit of good will to the poor community of Hotshot and was clubbed over the head and locked into an icebox for the gesture.

When MTV News caught up with Kwanten as he promoted his upcoming Indie romantic comedy "Griff the Invisible," we asked what he could tell us about how closely his character's story line this season will follow that of Jason's arc in the fourth Sookie Stackhouse book, written by Charlaine Harris (the series upon which the show is based).

"The good thing with the show, even with people who are well-researched, is that you're constantly surprised," Kwanten said. "In season one, Lafayette was supposed to die — and he's still alive, thank God. [Series creator] Alan Ball prides himself on doing a very TV-savvy version of the books," Kwanten explained. "Keeping the fans of the books happy and also making it appealing for an audience."

But what about the trouble Jason has already gotten himself into and what we've seen teased in the trailers?

"I'm kind of sworn to secrecy. The disclosure agreements I feel are getting bigger and bigger every year, in terms of how much we can and cannot say," he said, before giving us a few hints of what to expect in upcoming episodes. "He has to get out of that icebox, first and foremost. He's got to fight for his life. I think out of everyone this season, he has by far the hardest time staying alive — if he does," Kwanten added with a smile.

The Aussie went on to say that we'll be seeing a lot of Jason and Andy scenes, followed by a lot of Jason and Crystal, and then after that, expect the unexpected: "Toward the latter third of the [season], there's a whole new twist that you'll be very, very surprised by."

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