Joe Jonas Haunted By Former Love In 'See No More' Video

Clip features Jonas pining for his ex amid a world on fire.

It feels like Joe Jonas has grown up right in front of us. And now Jonas is showing his mature side in his first-ever solo video for his single "See No More," as the middle Jonas Brother pines over a former love in the haunting video.

Set in an empty house, Joe sits and looks at his former love's belongings (her dress, her shoes), as he sings about how hurt he feels. He croons, "I don't wanna wait for you/ I don't wanna wake up thinkin', hopin'/ You'll get it right this time/ 'Cause you know that you're so cold/ I don't wanna see no more/ And I can't get away from you."

Scenes of him looking around the place they once shared are cut with clips of a young woman, presumably the same one who broke his heart, dancing in the street.

Perhaps a nod to Drew Barrymore's classic "Firestarter" (or maybe not), as Jonas looks around the house, all of the belongings begin to catch fire. Eventually his torment (and the danger of being in a house filled with flames) leads him away from his home as he walks through the smoke-filled streets of his abandoned suburban neighborhood. Things begin to blow up around him, representing a failed relationship. Her image begins to fade out as he looks around the charred house.

Jonas worked on the midtempo breakup track with Chris Brown and Brian Kennedy, and that collaboration is evidenced by the song's clear nods to pop 'n' b. Before the video even dropped, Jonas was clear that he wanted the visuals to match the emotional drive of the song. "I think it's more so about how the emotions and the feelings that you are going through and how you're dealing with them and just displaying them in physical actions," he shared. "So it'll be the first really thought-out video that I've done."

The song is the lead single off Jonas' solo album, Fast Life, which is set for release on September 6.