Nicki Minaj's 'Turn Me On' Will Shock Fans

'The world is not gonna believe it when they hear it,' David Guetta tells MTV News of track from his Nothing But the Beat double album.

As [artist id="1243216"]David Guetta[/artist] gears up for the August release of his album Nothing But the Beat, it would be all too easy for the French DJ/producer to simply replicate the formula that has made him famous. While Guetta helped usher in a wave of electronic/pop music in the U.S., thanks to collaborations with acts like the Black Eyed Peas and Akon, he has other plans for his upcoming project.

"With my previous album, I kind of created a bridge between electronic music from Europe and urban culture from America, and this sound at the time was so futuristic and new, [it] became almost the standard sound of American pop music," Guetta told MTV News. "So the challenge on my new album was not so much to make hits — because I think I can do this — but more on a creative point of view and to surprise people and come with a new sound.

"So it's a double album," he explained, "and one album is 100 percent electronic and very experimental, and the other album is 100 percent vocal and has all the biggest and most talented superstars on the planet."

One of those superstars, hip-hop chameleon Nicki Minaj, gets her shine on the album's lead single, "Where Them Girls At," alongside rapper Flo Rida. But there's another track on The Beat that's likely to expand Minaj's repertoire.

"I'm a big Nicki Minaj fan and I'm really, really proud of this record that we made together. It's called 'Turn Me On,' and she is singing," Guetta said. "But like, she's not trying to sing — she's really, really singing. And this record is really big, and I'm really proud that she's done that record. I think that the world is not gonna believe it when they hear it."

While Guetta's newer fans are listening to the voice-oriented album, which includes features from Lil Wayne, Usher, Chris Brown and Jennifer Hudson, he's hoping it serves as a gateway to the double album's electronic disc.

"I feel that I am very blessed that my music has been crossing over but at the same time, my original fans, they're still the most important ones," Guetta insisted. "And I'm a DJ first, so my music is very electronic even though I make songs now and they're being played on the radio. But the fact that I come from a very instrumental culture, it's still in me.

"So I made this electronic album for my original fans, for everybody that came to Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas, that are raving and partying every weekend. But also, I made this electronic album because I want the people that know me for what they heard on the radio and that are buying my album for the big songs, I also want them to discover where I'm coming from and the other side of me."

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