David Cook Jokes He's Still 'Bothered' By Simon Cowell Nightmare

'This one kept me up a lot of nights,' Cook tells MTV News of recording brand-new This Loud Morning.

It's been more than three years since [artist id="3080428"]David Cook[/artist] won the seventh season of "American Idol," but the TV show that launched his career resurfaced, in his sleep no less, while he was working on the brand-new This Loud Morning.

"There was a dream last year where I auditioned for 'Idol' again," Cook told MTV News. "I got in front of Simon Cowell and he reamed me and I didn't make it. For some reason, that bothered me a little bit."

There are no songs on This Loud Morning titled "Snarky Brit (How Could You Say No to Me?)," but the Kansas City, Missouri, rocker insists his album was inspired by his nighttime adventures into the subconscious, or perhaps the lack thereof. "I've never immersed myself in a record as much as I immersed myself in this one," Cook said. "That's not to say that I was phoning it in on the nine [albums, including eight pre-'Idol' indie releases] I did before this. But this one especially, I never had problems sleeping because of records, and this one kept me up a lot of nights.

"The other [recurring] dream was something about being chased by a witch and I hid in the vents of my childhood home. I got issues, man," Cook sighed. For the record, Cook clarified that the witch was from "The Wizard of Oz"; no flying monkeys were present, however. "Usually, those strange dreams occur when I eat late," David said he finally discovered.

Cook's This Loud Morning hit stores on Tuesday (June 28), courtesy of 19 Recordings and RCA Records.

What do you think of David Cook's nightmares? Have you ever had a dream about Simon Cowell? Leave a comment below!