Drake Goes Home Alone In 'Marvins Room' Video

Drizzy gets rejected and drowns his sorrows in brand-new clip.

It's one thing to hear [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] sing about lost love and rejection, but to see it is a different story entirely. In the video for "Marvins Room," Drake tosses back drinks at a party full of women and goes home alone, while a drunk-dial conversation coupled with his regretful lyrics seem to explain why he failed to close the deal.

The clip, which was released at 3:46 a.m. on Drizzy's October's Very Own blog, starts off with a woman dressed in a T-shirt and panties on the phone, talking about her night, in which she hopped from club to club. "Hello, yeah I just walked in," she says pacing her living room before lying down on a leather couch. Drake sits on the other end of the line, seated in the back of his Maybach, listening.

The beat drops and Drake starts his first verse seated at the bar in a lounge. Partygoers mingle and dance around him, but the Toronto native throws back shot after shot to chase the bottles of beer that he sips on. Clearly inebriated, Drizzy first flirts with a girl standing at the bar. After he whispers something in her ear, the young lady walks off uninterested as the rapper swivels his head to watch her strut away.

Undeterred, Drizzy hits the dance floor pushing up on a second female, who also blocks his advances. The scene cuts back to the pants-less cutie who is still sprawled out on her couch breathing into the phone, "Are you drunk right now?"

The answer is clearly yes: Drake's drunken state is visually depicted by a spinning camera that moves in and out of focus as he makes his way across the dance floor to the bathroom where he continues to croon. The track then slows down to a crawl, repeating Drake's refrain, "I'm just sayin' you can do better."

Maybe she can, but not tonight. The video snaps back, the song's pitch is corrected, the video comes to a close, and Drake tells the woman on the phone, "You're not gonna come? Guess I'm about to just kick it here then." Cue the cold shower.