Lady Gaga Unveils Panda Alter Ego On Japanese TV

'Gagapanda' jokes she's 'been eating a lot of bamboo this week' before revealing plans for 2012 tour, having babies and more.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] is currently in the planning stages for her next tour. After wrapping up her epic Monster Ball run earlier this year, Gaga teased her plans on a Japanese talk show on Tuesday (June 28).

"All over the world and I'm already planning," she said of the trek, which she expects to kick off at the top of 2012. "I'm so excited I can't even go to sleep at night."

Gaga appeared wearing a black-and-white dress, with her hair done up in two buns and her eye makeup painted in two panda-like circles. "I really like pandas," she told the hosts of her look, adding, "pandas have paws, and I always tell my fans to put their paws up. I've been eating a lot of bamboo this week," she joked. (Shortly after the appearance, the singer even began referring to herself as Gagapanda on Twitter.)

She then played a little game called "Yes or No," where she was asked questions about her popularity on Twitter, her love of cooking, her clothes and more. She later elaborated on some of the topics. "My dream is to continue to make music and tour and do as much as I can to give as much back to my fans," she said. "Personal dreams? I suppose one day I'll have panda babies."

Gaga owned up to having one major fear, however. "The only thing I really get scared of is missing out on moments with my family 'cause I travel so much, so I call my mom and dad every day," she said. Asked whether she was scared of ghosts, Gaga said, "No, we can be friends." She went on to add, "I love Japanese monster movies. I actually believe in ancestors. I have a lot of family in my past like my Aunt Joann and my grandfather that have passed on and I talk to them."

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