Shawty Lo's New Mixtape A Love Letter To His 'Hood

B.H.F. (Bankhead Forever) shows 'I'm still in the streets,' G-Unit signee tells Mixtape Daily.

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Mixtape: B.H.F. (Bankhead Forever)

Headliner: Shawty Lo

Representing: Atlanta

Real Spit: Things have changed. In June 2009, Bankhead, Atlanta, rapper [artist id="2815934"]Shawty Lo[/artist] saw his native Bowen Homes housing project torn down in a citywide effort to remove all of the city's public housing. To pay homage to his home, the newly signed G-Unit rapper released B.H.F. (Bankhead Forever).

"They changed the name of my street to Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, and they tore my projects down, Bowen Homes, which is in Bankhead," Shawty Lo told MTV News. "But I'm still in the streets. Even though they done did this and they done did that, it's still B.H.F.: Bankhead Forever. B.H.F. could mean 'Bowen Home Family,' but it's just letting the streets know we'll never die."

The 18-track mixtape, hosted by DJ Greg Street, starts out with an intro by 50 Cent then goes straight into a string of trap-house anthems like "I Know," "Heavy Weight" and "Attention" featuring Tity Boi. Lo, most known for his 2008 single "Dey Know," has been unapologetically street throughout his entire career, and despite his new record deal with 50 Cent, it doesn't look like he will be switching up anytime soon. For the non-believers, B.H.F. is the proof. "The streets getting the same Shawty Lo, the same street, 'cause I ain't gonna change; it's gonna be me," he said.

Joints to Check For

» "I Know": "The intro to my mixtape. It's a statement song."

» "Cake": "A hot song produced by my boy Zaytoven. I worked on that track, put two hot verses. It's featuring my boy Future."

» "Pocahontas," featuring Wale and Twista: "I'm good friends with both of those artists. When I did the record, I felt like it was a good look, and they sent their verses. The song's perfect. The streets ate it up when I first presented it to them."

» "Haters," featuring Tony Yayo, Roscoe Dash and 50 Cent: "That's a great record. My man Tony Yayo, we've been friends for a minute. When I went to New York, we bumped into each other in the club. We hooked up and did the record maybe three months ago, and it was unbelievable. It's a big record."

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