Eminem Co-Star Sasha Grey Interprets Suicidal 'Space Bound' Video

'Even the strongest of love meets destruction at some point,' the ex-porn star tells MTV News.

There have been quite a few takes on the meaning of Eminem's "Space Bound" video, in which we see two sides of a suicidal, love-torn rapper. Since the clip hit iTunes on Friday, fans have taken to comment sections dishing out theories about its meaning. Some have said this is another depiction of Em's relationship with ex-wife Kim Mathers, while others likened the clip to a video game. And Eminem's co-star in the video, Sasha Grey, has her own take on the video.

Grey, a former adult-film star, is now expanding her acting chops. She appeared, as did Em, on the seventh season of HBO's hit series "Entourage," and though the two never met on set, she got the offer to star in "Space Bound" at the request of the video's director, Joseph Kahn.

The clip features alternate versions of the Detroit MC, one agitated and cynical in the company of his girlfriend (played by Grey), the other more pensive and calm. "You can read into it a few different ways, but I imagine one character is actually him, and the other is his subconscious," Grey said.

Things begin to take a turn for the worse when the rapper discovers the love of his life is cheating on him. He later attacks her, then turns a gun on himself and commits suicide with a single shot through the head. "Space Bound," like "Love the Way You Lie," depicts a tumultuous relationship in which domestic violence once again is a topic.

"Em simply becomes company for her, and she mistakenly takes advantage of that," Grey says of her character. "Before each take, Joseph and I would talk a lot about her motives and attitude. Her ultimate moment doesn't come until the end, so I had plenty of time to build the fear!"

Grey doesn't have a clear-cut explanation of the video, but she ultimately sees "Space Bound" from a pessimistic view — hopeless romantics take heed. "I don't know if it necessarily has a thorough message, but I think it shows that even the strongest of love meets destruction at some point," the ex-porn star told MTV News. "Whether or not you come out of it together and whole is an entirely different question."