'Twilight' Star Nikki Reed Is 'The One' For Paul McDonald

'American Idol' finalist talks about his whirlwind romance and wedding plans.

Earlier this month, "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald and "Twilight" star Nikki Reed used the MTV Movie Awards as the perfect opportunity to take their engagement public, only months after they began dating.

When MTV News caught up with McDonald at the "American Idol" season 10 tour press day in Los Angeles, the singer opened up about planning the big day. "Well, yeah, I'm not allowed to say too, too much about that stuff, but it's going good," he dished. "I love her to death."

While outside observers may have felt that the two were rushing to the altar, McDonald says that they fell in love at first sight, which was even more surprising for him. "She's amazing. It's kind of one of those things you don't expect," he said. "Like, last year I never would have thought I'd be getting married. She's amazing. She's the perfect girl. We fit each other; when you know you know and she's the one."

His gushing sentiments about the actress seem to mirror ones she's shared about him. Shortly after announcing their engagement, she reportedly told E! News, "He's the one. He's the one."

For now, McDonald is on the road with his fellow Idols through September, giving him enough time to nail down who he wants to get to sing at his reception, whenever that should take place.

"Oh, I told Jacob Lusk he's going to sing at my wedding and my funeral," he joked. "Who knows? Maybe we'll get the whole 'Idol' crew to be wedding singers. Maybe we'll get Adam Sandler."