Justin Bieber Rebounds From Fan Run-In At Fragrance Launch

Overzealous NYC admirer jumped a barricade and knocked down the Biebs, but teen sensation recovered and got right back to fans.

NEW YORK — [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] took over Herald Square in Manhattan on Thursday (June 23) as he greeted fans at a Macy's event for his women's fragrance, Someday. A legion of dedicated Beliebers lined up outside and gathered at the famed department store hoping to catch even a glimpse of the star.

When MTV News caught up with the Biebs, he told us how much he appreciated his fans' overwhelming enthusiasm.

"My fans are crazy. They wait out in the rain and anything, so they're crazy, they're awesome!" he said. "I just think that what we decided to do — making the fragrance for females, not getting a cologne for males — I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm more concerned about how girls smell 'cause I'm a guy and I know what smells good and I know what I like so girls should know, if [I like] it, then other guys are going to like it."

But some fans may have been too enthusiastic. While some fans (and press) were allowed to wait inside Macy's, many were still standing outside, and according to reports, Bieber was knocked down by a man who jumped the barrier. [Editor's note: ABC News has since reported that the man was not a fan but a plainclothes police officer who the NYPD say was trying to help the singer.] Bieber wasn't hurt, though ABC said that he seemed "shaken" before he went right back to work and greeted more fans inside.

Once inside the store, Bieber seemed relaxed, sharing with us the nuances of designing a perfume for his fans. "I think cologne and perfume are different. Cologne is more kind of a body-wash-type smell and [perfume] is kind of flowery, fruity," he said, adding that mentor Usher, who has his own cologne brand, "didn't really give me any advice.

"There was a long process 'cause they brought it out on the road and stuff," he added of the fragrance, whose proceeds will go to charity. "I picked out the bottle and designed everything."

So what kind of cologne does Bieber use? "A bunch of different stuff; I switch it up all the time," he said.

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