Justin Timberlake's Secret Dream Is To ... Teach Karate?

'Bad Teacher' co-star Jason Segel, meanwhile, tells MTV News he knows 'more jujitsu.'

Justin Timberlake has spent nearly his entire life bouncing from one pop-culture-focused gig to another: a "Mickey Mouse Club" kid in the early '90s, a boy bander a few years later, a solo artist, an actor and easily one of the finest "Saturday Night Live" hosts in the history of the venerated show.

Good stuff, all. But JT has harbored a secret dream all these years, one he's only now revealing as his upcoming comedy, "Bad Teacher," approaches theaters: He wants to be a martial-arts instructor.

"Karate!" he declared when we asked him what subject he'd love to teach.

Co-star Jason Segel, who, like Timberlake in "Bad Teacher," plays a rather oddball educator, co-signed that real-life teaching aspiration.

"We both love karate. We don't know it," Timberlake explained. "Actually I know karate, and other Asian-influenced words."

"I know more jujitsu," Segel conceded.

Secret dreams or not, our guess is these new careers aren't gonna happen. We're still waiting for JT to turn his attention back to the recording studio. Let's not hold out hope he ends up in a karate dojo too. Though if he or Segel ever do, we pray they don't take any teaching advice from their comedy. Cameron Diaz plays the titular crappy teach, a dope-smoking, F-bomb-throwing slacker of historic, though not singular, proportions. Because, as Segel sees it, there are plenty of teachers out there far worse than Diaz's dud.

"I've had some teachers who were pretty rough, didn't really want to be there," he said. "I think that's the funniest thing about her character: She just doesn't want to be there at all, so it sort of gives her carte blanche to not give an eff."

"She doesn't give an eff," Timberlake added. "Say or do whatever she effing wants."

As students themselves, however, both stars said they received high marks. "I was a pretty good student," JT said.

"I was just taught you obey your sensei," Segel said, going on to reference "Karate Kid." "I was part of Cobra Kai."

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