Drake Addresses His 'Trust Issues' In New Song

'Let them girls in and tell them all leave their cell phones on the table where we see 'em,' Drake raps on potential Take Care track.

[artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] unapologetically wears his heart on his sleeve. The Toronto-born lyricist's breakout 2009 mixtape So Far Gone, with its calming melodies and relationship-based narratives, painted Drizzy as a hopeless romantic who just couldn't get it right. Large portions of his debut album, Thank Me Later, helped solidify that notion. And now, in preparation of his upcoming sophomore LP, Take Care, Drake finally admits that he has "Trust Issues."

Early Tuesday morning (June 21), Drizzy posted the subdued song on his October's Very Own blog with the message: "Did my own little thing using some other thing I did. You know."

The "other thing" is in reference to the hook Drake laid on DJ Khaled's latest single, "I'm On One," which he interpolates on this new four-minute and forty-two second track. "All I care about is money and the city that I'm from," he croons at the opening of "Trust Issues." The song's basic kick- and snare-drum pattern is placed atop a bed of muted keys, putting Drake's lullaby-like melody on full display.

As he begins his verse, Drake expresses to his lover that he doesn't trust "these bitches" to mix his drink because they might catch him "slippin' " and "put in something different." Considering his celebrity, it's easy to see why he is guarded; he further illustrates a little more than halfway through the song when he picks up the tempo with a rapped verse. When meeting new women, the Young Money MC takes extra precautions: "Let them girls in and tell them all leave their cell phones on the table where we see 'em."

Whether or not the song will appear on the upcoming LP remains to be seen, but when fans download the file following the link from October's Very Own, the MP3 is labeled with Take Care in the album field.

In the end, "Trust Issues" brings no resolution; instead, it serves as a semi-explanation as to why Drake is how he is. Is the song another part of the story that Drizzy alluded to when posting previous tracks "Dreams Money Can Buy" and "Marvin's Room"?

When he released the former, Drake wrote, "Not my single. Just a piece of my story," and when he dropped the latter, he then messaged, "Another piece of the story. Single coming in July. Take Care coming Oct. 24th."

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