Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake Hit 'Bad Teacher' Black Carpet

'She just doesn't belong in school,' Diaz tells MTV News of her naughty character at comedy's New York premiere.

NEW YORK"Bad Teacher" stars Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel came out on Monday night for the premiere of their raunchy comedy. And Diaz, who plays couldn't-care-less teacher Elizabeth Halsey, told us she why she loved the role.

"It was a lot of fun. Elizabeth was such a well-written character," she told MTV News on the Ziegfeld Theatre's black carpet. "It was easy to play her; it was easy to say the words. She was so well-defined."

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Cameron's character is very naughty, and her co-stars Tom Lennon and Phyllis Smith ("The Office") jokingly admitted that they might have paid more attention in school back in the day if a teacher had been as sexy as Diaz, a sentiment the A-list star completely understood.

"I think that's why people love Elizabeth," Diaz said. "It's because everyone wants to be her, even for an hour, maybe a day. If you get away with a week — oh my gosh! I got to play her for six weeks. So yeah, it was a lot of fun."

As it turns out, it isn't just Elizabeth's attitude that's fierce, but also her killer sense of style. Diaz fully embraced the teacher's fashion sense in the Jake Kasdan-directed flick. "The wardrobe is really good. Elizabeth is a working girl, if you know what I mean," she laughed. "So she has to look a certain way: She's always either coming in from the night before or going out and she never wants to be mistaken as a teacher and she wears [Christian] Louboutins every day of her life and she just doesn't belong in school."

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