'Glee' Star Cory Monteith Teases 'Big Story Line'

'I think that Finn has a lot of struggle left for him,' he tells MTV News of what fans can expect from season three.

"Glee" fans still have a few more months to go before the kickoff of season three, when it's been rumored that our favorite characters will graduate from McKinley High. But don't ask the cast what's in store for the upcoming season, because creator Ryan Murphy is apparently keeping the plotlines very much a secret.

"I don't know where it's going to go," Cory Monteith told MTV News about his character, Finn. "He's got a big story line with Rachel, obviously, but it should be interesting to see how he develops."

Monteith, who also stars in the upcoming flick "Monte Carlo" with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester, is hoping things get a bit more complicated for the New Directions singer.

"I think the harder it is for him, the better, you know?" Monteith said. "I think Finn has a lot of growing up to do and I think that Finn has a lot of struggle left for him. I think dealing with a lot of his dad stuff, the passing of his father and dealing with the unrequited love all of a sudden from Rachel, I think the more trouble he goes through, the more interesting it is for me as an actor."

For now, Monteith and his TV co-stars are keeping busy on the Glee Live! In Concert! Tour. The cast just wrapped up the North American leg of the tour and are gearing up to take their act overseas; they'll play Manchester's MEN Arena this week before moving on to London for seven shows at the O2 Arena.

"It's an overwhelming experience every night," Montieth told us. "I suspect that England is going to be incredible as well. We are going over to the U.K., playing England and Ireland, so I think that's going to be incredible."

Regardless of where Monteith performs, he's just excited to get out there for all of his fans. "It's so rare that we get to connect with our audience, which is what we're doing," Monteith said of the live shows. "We're literally touching them, grabbing their hands, so it's a great experience."

But life on the road must get a bit tiring, so we wondered whether the castmembers ever get sick of one another.

"No, it's like a very well assembled family," Monteith said. "Like, you can't choose your family, but it's like a well-chosen family and we seem to complement each other really well. We are all quite different from one another so we get along really well."

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