Britney Spears Takes Down Paparazzi In 'I Wanna Go' Teaser

Spears sashays around NYC knocking out photogs with her microphone in the video, which debuts Wednesday.

It's been a while since [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] decided to take down the paparazzi in one of her music videos (see "Pieces of Me"). In a new teaser for her "I Wanna Go" clip, a fit and smiling Spears is seeking ninja-like vengeance against her biggest enemies: the paparazzi and their prying lenses.

In the 30-second tease of the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed video, set to officially drop on Wednesday, Spears stands on a Los Angeles soundstage that's set to look like New York City and surveys the scene. She's standing atop a taxi, while cameramen surround her from all angles. Wielding a microphone, the singer whips it around like a weapon, knocking the paps from their positions.

These scenes are intercut with Spears standing alone and singing into that same microphone, wearing the T-shirt depicting a skull with Mickey Mouse ears from the single's cover art.

Spears tweeted out some stills from the video as well. In one, she's seen walking down a city street past an NYPD cop car. In another, with her hair undone and wearing a tight red shirt and lots of necklaces, she poses in profile up against a wall, lights flashing around her.

Sneak peeks of the "I Wanna Go" video seem to prove that the visuals will certainly match the song's reckless-abandon lyrics about busting loose from the confines of life, regardless of the consequences. She sings, "Lately I've been stuck imaginin'/ What I wanna do and what I really think, time to blow out/ Be a little inappropriate 'cause I know that everybody's/ Thinkin' it when the lights out/ Shame on me/ To need release/ Un-uncontrollably."