Selena Gomez 'Stoked' To Nab Britney Spears Song

'It's awesome,' the die-hard Brit fan says of getting to record 'Whiplash' for her album.

With her album When the Sun Goes Down set to be released on June 28, and her first big-screen movie "Monte Carlo" hitting theaters on July 1, Selena Gomez has been on a whirlwind promotional tour (her recent hospitalization doesn't seem to have slowed the young starlet one bit). Last week, in the midst of all that, a couple of tracks from her LP hit the Internet, including one co-written by none other than the pop princess herself, Britney Spears.

MTV News caught up with the Disney star on Friday and we asked her about "Whiplash," the uptempo Spears dance tune. Gomez, who is a die-hard Britney fan, said she was excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with one of her idols.

"It's awesome," Gomez said of the leaked track. "It was an honor and I'm completely stoked."

But when she was initially given "Whiplash," a track that reportedly failed to make Spears' Circus album, the "Wizards of Waverly Place" actress was unaware that Spears had helped to write the song. "I just heard the song; I fell in love with it," Gomez said. "They gave it to me, the producers who worked on it, and I came and sang and saw that she had co-written it, so I was very excited."

Yet the ties to Spears don't end there for Gomez. Next month, she hits the road for her first headlining summer tour, and she'll pay homage to the Femme Fatale. "We are working on a few cover songs. We are working on a Britney tribute," Gomez told MTV News earlier this year. "I wanna do a mash-up of all her songs and just go for it ' ... Baby One More Time,' and then I think we're going to try to incorporate 'Toxic' and that phase. And then we might do some of her recent, new stuff."