Britney Spears Kicks Off 'Flashiest' Tour Yet

The Femme Fatale launched her tour in Sacramento, California, and is getting raves from music critics.

On Thursday night, Britney Spears declared herself a Femme Fatale, launching her tour in Sacramento, California. Having already garnered praise from critics who attended her dress rehearsal, Spears got more rave reviews from music journalists who attended the kick-off show.

In addition to the glitzy costumes and high production value, Spears flaunted her stage chops, sashaying to songs like "Hold It Against Me" and "Big Fat Bass," as well as old-school jams like "Toxic" and "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know."

Describing it as "her flashiest, fastest moving, and most entertaining production yet," said that while tour-opener Nicki Minaj brought her signature sass, "The night belonged to Britney: She managed to prove that she's still progressing as a showgirl. Not only that, she's doing it better than even die-hard defenders would've predicted."

The Sacramento Bee explained that while "Spears performed like a pro throughout the show, hitting all her marks, she had shown hesitancy in her movements — natural for the first stop on a tour. But that hesitancy vanished when she put on the denim. She seemed at ease."

The best review of all may have come from Spears herself, who enthusiastically took to Twitter to thank her fans: "Can't sleep. WAY too much Adrenaline right now. Sacramento was on fire tonight. You ready San Jose? Cause I am!!!!"

Once she wraps her San José, California, tour stop on Friday night (June 17), Spears will take her show to Los Angeles on Monday. The U.S. tour dates wrap up on August 25 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Femme Fatale Tour then heads to Europe in September for two more months before closing on November 9 in Portugal.

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