Jim Carrey Bonds With Penguin Co-Stars In 'Mr. Popper's'

'It's, like, an energy thing,' funnyman tells MTV News of befriending the birds.

For those familiar with the work of actor Jim Carrey, his presence in the very family-friendly, warm-and-fuzzy movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins" might have been a bit of a head-scratcher. However, as Carrey will explain himself, he's always had a soft spot in his heart for the Arctic-dwelling furry friends.

"It's, like, an energy thing," he told MTV News recently of his ability to bond instantly with his web-footed co-stars. "Any animal, I just kind of get with their energy somehow, I can't explain it," he said, before recalling a certain pivotal and infamous character on his résumé.

"I do have a special affinity for animals because I'm Ace Ventura, Pet Detective," he deadpanned. "So, you know, that's something I like to revisit every once in awhile."

As for how he wound up playing workaholic Mr. Popper, whose life is turned upside down with the unexpected inheritance and delivery of six Gentoo penguins, Carrey said he has a way with creating his own destiny, as it were.

"I have this weird manifestation thing in my life. If I say I like something, the next thing you know, I'm getting a script about it," he explained. "It's just what happens. I was Twittering about [penguins], and it was on my website, 'I really like penguins,' out of nowhere, a non-sequitur," he said. "And then the script comes to me, and I go, 'Well, if it's not a bad script, I'm going to make it work.'

"My managers are like, 'A penguin movie? Really?' " he continued. " 'Does that fit into the rock-and-roll kind of deal of your life and career?' I go, 'I gotta go with it.' "

And so Carrey's road to "Mr Popper's Penguins" was born.

"I think we got the best of all worlds in this," Carrey said of the film's widespread appeal. "It's not without an edge. It's got cool, funny stuff in it, and it's kinda touching."

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