Lady Gaga To Premiere 'Edge Of Glory' Video On 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Singer is also set to appear as guest judge on show later in season.

Lady Gaga is ready to take fans to the "Edge of Glory." The singer

target="_blank">confirmed that she will debut the music video for the clip on Thursday on "So You Think You Can Dance." Little is known about the Joseph Kahn-directed clip, but all will be revealed in good time, it seems.

The news comes just as executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe announced he was getting Gaga to join celebrity judges like on the show this season.

"Yes, I asked her when she performed on the 'American Idol' finale if she would come on, and she said yes," Lythgoe

target="_blank">said. "She is on tour so they said it would probably be later in the season. She is an amazing dancer and performer."

He tossed around a few other names of celebs who might be guest judges, including Neil Patrick Harris, Kristin Chenoweth, Ellen DeGeneres and Megan Mullally. "We have a lot of people who want to help the kids become unique. The biggest thing is standing out from the crowd," he said. "The kids have to find something that makes them unique and these performers know how to do that."

When Lythgoe and judge Mary Murphy sat down with MTV News recently, they said they wanted to make sure that celebs who come on the show are the right fit.

"I think [celebrity judges] make it exciting for sure," Murphy said.

"I'll never forget when Ellen sat next to me. But it made it a little bit difficult for me because I think she's so funny. ... Then I had to focus."

Lythgoe added that his wish is to have celebrity judges who aren't just famous faces but who know about dancing. "The sad thing for me is when some celebrity judges come on, they just want to be liked, so they're not going to give a good critique," he said. "Just 'you were wonderful, you were wonderful.' ... Then again there's a whole raft of judges, particularly in dance — Shirley MacLaine, Mitzi Gaynor, Debbie Reynolds — that could be called upon to judge, that have been there, done it through the '40s and '50s that are stunning, were stunning dancers.

"I'm going to be talking to Fox about it, but I know in my heart that Fox will say, 'Well, we don't really know them, can you get Lady Gaga?'

... She was excellent on 'Idol,' " he added. "A little naughty!"