What Will Britney Spears Wear On Her Femme Fatale Tour?

Costume designer Zaldy Goco gave fans a sneak peek at the sparkles and studs she'll wear when tour kicks of Thursday.

It's almost here! Britney Spears launches her Femme Fatale tour on Thursday, and her team has given fans a sneak peek of the looks she'll be showing off onstage.

Costume designer Zaldy Goco spoke to "Extra" about Spears' glittering, sexy outfits for the tour, which kicks off in Sacramento, California, with equally sexy opening act Nicki Minaj. "Well, I mean the real inspiration, of course, is Britney herself. But there's a creative script done by the director, Jamie King, and it's a whole thing about the femme fatale and femme fatales throughout the ages, so we have all kinds of costumes where she's changing personas throughout the show," he shared. "Everything is very sexy; Britney's a very sexy girl."

The looks he shared include lots of sparkles and body-hugging designs, that include a pink latex jacket paired with a nude bodysuit to be featured in the second act of the show, a Marilyn Monroe-inspired white flowing dress, a few gladiator-inspired gold-mirrored options, pink-chrome-studded leather and denim, as well as a "Toxic"-inspired catsuit.

For the finale, she wears a kimono, with an anime version of herself silkscreened on one sleeve, over a sparkling, black bodysuit that has LED lights built into it. Previously teased was a giant pair of angel wings that Spears will also wear at some point during the show.

For those wondering what Spears looks like in the costumes, fansite BreatheHeavy.com got sent some snaps of the singer rocking some of the looks, including the kimono, the studded denim and a gold-mirrored bikini.

Are you excited to see these costumes in action? Tell us where you're catching Britney on tour in the comments below!