Maino, N.O.R.E. Laugh Over Summer Jam Fly Incident

N.O.R.E. tells Mixtape Daily about being interrupted by a fly while performing 'Banned From TV' with D-Block in 2008.

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Hot 97's Summer Jam has provided the tri-state area with a number of memorable moments. Who could forget when Jay-Z brought out Michael Jackson, or when he clowned Prodigy by putting an embarrassing picture of the Mobb Deep rapper on the Giants Stadium screen? 50 Cent mocked R. Kelly onstage in 2004, and Swizz Beatz and Kanye West had an old-fashioned sound clash in 2007. For Brooklyn rapper [artist id="1595900"]Maino[/artist], his favorite Summer Jam moment took place backstage, away from the crowd's gaze. While the "Hi Hater" rapper was small on the specifics, he told Mixtape Daily that it involved rapper [artist id="502126"]N.O.R.E.[/artist], an insect and vomit.

"I saw N.O.R.E. throw up. He said, 'Yo, a fly went in my mouth,' " Maino recalled before laughing uncontrollably about the 2008 incident. "We were backstage and they was doin' 'Banned From TV,' and this was the first year that I was there. I had just got off the stage with Alicia Keys, and he came out with D-Block and he did 'Banned From TV.' It was crazy."

N.O.R.E. confirmed the story: "Yeah, I threw up, yo. A fly flew in my mouth. This was my first Summer Jam in four or five years, so I'm rhyming. As I'm rhyming a f---ing fly goes in my throat."

Appearing as a guest on D-Block's set, N.O.R.E. came out to perform his classic posse cut "Banned From TV." As the Queens rapper recited his verse, he swallowed the insect, causing him to vomit as soon as he got backstage.

"I was fiendin' so much for the look, I just kept going," he recalled. "Then I got off the stage and I threw up."

N.O.R.E., who is currently on a mission to lose weight, said that if he had been in better shape, he might have been able to avoid the fly: "I'm not saying that I threw up because I was big, I threw up because a fly went in my mouth, but my recovery time wasn't that quick."

No matter the reason, fans can file this one under "Funny, but true": "He is absolutely telling the truth," N.O.R.E. said. "Maino is not lying."

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