Selena Gomez Fans Call Her 'Role Model' Material

'There's not many actresses that can really inspire little girls in the right way,' one admirer says after teen star's concert.

Despite the fact that [artist id="3079282"]Selena Gomez[/artist] had to cancel her appearance at the Santa Monica Place mall last Friday, plenty of screaming Selena fans returned to see her rescheduled performance at the mall on Monday afternoon, where Gomez thanked the crowd for their support and revealed that she was "feeling much better" after being hospitalized briefly over the weekend.

Following her two-song set, MTV News caught up with a few of Gomez's die-hard fans, who expressed their love and well-wishes for the 18-year-old star.

"I really love her," young fan Kirsten Mitchell gushed. "I still love her voice, I still love her clothing, and I love everything she did. I love her!"

"She's my role model," Brianna Akopyn said. "She's my inspiration."

"It's not only that she's famous," Alexa Kovacs added. "Obviously, we love her because of that, but she helps people, she does things for everything, that's just awesome to me."

"Ever since 'Barney,' I used to watch her on ['Barney & Friends'] and I've been with her since the beginning," Akopyn revealed. "She's such a great role model for everyone, including little girls. There's not many actresses that can really inspire little girls in the right way, and she can."

Speaking to Gomez's recent illness, Alexandra Pulido said no one could really tell that Selena had been under the weather. "I heard that she was sick over the radio back home where we live, she felt nauseated and stuff," she said. "But she sang really well today, she didn't show any of that."

We then asked fans to send Gomez their love via our video camera.

"Hey Selena, I love you so much," Pulido enthused. "I hope you're doing better. Say 'hi' to Justin [Bieber] for me."

"We love you so much," Kovacs added. "Thanks for everything, keep it up."

"We hope you're doing good," continued Akopyn. "Keep up the good work, we love you."

"Congrats on Justin," said Kovacs with a smile. "Yeah, he's a lucky guy," Akopyn added.