David Cook Promises He's Not Pants-less In New Music Video

'I'm proud of my butt, but I don't think I'm gonna be showing it in any music videos,' season seven 'American Idol' winner says.

[artist id="3080428"]David Cook[/artist] says farewell to a dysfunctional romance in his latest single, "The Last Goodbye," but he did not say au revoir to his pants during the filming of the music video, even if it might look that way.

A group of hawkeyed fans thought they had spotted a silly (and bottomless) Easter egg as the season seven "American Idol" champ runs up a flight of stairs in the video. Had the rocker jokingly dropped trou for one take, and had the director actually included a few frames of Cook's nekkidness as a blink-and-you-miss-it in-joke?

"I promise, it's the light coming up from the stairwell," Cook recently told MTV News, adding, "I'm proud of my butt, but I don't think I'm gonna be showing it in any music videos."

In fact, the only real blooper from the two-day Malibu video shoot was left on the cutting-room floor. "I tried to jump over [a] wave and I got pummeled. So you see this wave and then if they continued the shot, next thing you know, I'm like 10 feet back sitting on my ass 'cause I got nailed by that wave. It was ridiculous," Cook admitted.

The clip — the first from his sophomore 19 Recordings/RCA Records album, This Loud Morning, out June 28 — shows David heading to the beach to write "The Last Goodbye." (In real life, the platinum-selling star penned the tune with Ryan Tedder.) Cook explains, "I'm actually absent-minded in real life. I commonly forget things. So [in the video my] wallet falls out of the pocket, and I end up leaving my stuff on the beach and then go back to the hotel to finish the song. Meanwhile, [a stranger finds] my stuff and thinks that I've drowned somehow. And hilarity ensues."

Cook was elated to work with veteran director Nigel Dick, who was way more open to collaboration than one might expect given his iconic videography. (He directed some of the biggest spots for Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Tears for Fears, Guns N' Roses and countless others).

"In the original [treatment], I was in on the joke. And I was like, 'Well, that seems a little self-important.' So we tried to swing it around and make it more like I'm just kind of dimwitted," Cook said.

Dick even used David's idea for an ending, where drummer Kyle Peek passes out upon seeing the presumed-dead rocker in the flesh. "I was proud of his passing-out ability," Cook declared. "If there's an Oscar for music videos, boom, nailed it."

It was a different story for bass player Monty Anderson. "I was like, 'Mont, you gotta sell it. You gotta pretend,' " Cook said before imitating Anderson's high-pitched Southern drawl, " 'Well, man, I can't pretend! You're right here!' He tried so hard, bless his heart. But there's a reason we didn't go to him for any firm reaction shots," Cook laughed.

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