Fabolous To Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary With Loso's Way 2 Release

'We're looking to do that around September 13," Fab says of his forthcoming album.

Time flies when you're making hits. On September 11, 2001, Brooklyn rapper [artist id="1164800"]Fabolous[/artist] graduated from a slick-tongued mixtape MC to a bona fide platinum rap star with the release of his debut album, Ghetto Fabolous. To celebrate his 10-year run, Fab plans to release his sixth studio album, Loso's Way 2: The Rise to Power, on September 13. Mr. F-A-B-O revealed his plans to morning show radio jock Vezzy Parmesan of Rhode Island's Hot 106.3.

"That's coming in September, we're looking to do that around September 13 actually," Fab said of Loso's Way 2 from backstage at Hot 106's all-star Hot Night concert. "September 11 was when my first album dropped, 10 years ago. That was also the tragic day of 9/11. So my album dropped that same day and we kinda want to do like a 10-year-anniversary sort of feel."

Fab Pitt, whose last album, Loso's Way, featured collaborations from The Dream, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz and Ryan Leslie, wouldn't confirm who he will be working with on this album, but he did reveal a short wish list of artists he'd like to contribute in the future. Among those names are Eminem, Nas, Rick Ross and Fergie, but beyond that, Fab kept it tight-lipped. "I'm working with a lot of guys right now. It's still in the baby stages, so I don't want to give too much of the info right now, but it's soon to come."

Dropping the album 10 years after his first effort is symbolic for the rapper. He told Parmesan that the release of his debut remains his top career highlight. "To finally get to a point when you release your first album, it's like having a baby," he said. "It's like having your first baby, even just accepting it was happening at first."

Although Fab's shining moment was marred by the tragedy of 9/11, he eventually learned to embrace it. "I woke up that day and some planes flew into some buildings. That's another thing that makes it so monumental to me too, is that you were destined, even [with] what happened, you still prevailed and you're here today."