Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night' Gets Teen-Party Makeover From Rebecca Black

Hanson, Kenny G and 'Glee' stars Darren Criss and Kevin McHale also guest-star in teen-movie homage.

What happened "Last Friday Night"? Katy Perry's alter ego Kathy Beth Terry is trying to figure that out. In the just premiered video, directed by Marc Klasfeld, Perry pays homage to the teen flicks of the '80s, with the help of quite a few famous friends.

In the midst of a rousing game of sudoku, the brace-faced, headgear-wearing, nerdy Kathy seems initially mad at the house party going on outside. So, what's a girl to do? Well, try to reason with the revelers and get them to stop, obviously.

But those revelers happen to include "Friday" singer Rebecca Black, house band Hanson, with an assist from Kathy Beth Terry's crazy uncle Kenny G, and "Glee" stars Darren Criss and Kevin McHale, the latter of whom has a mad, fantasy-tinged crush on Kathy. And soon, rather than put an end to the festivities, she's drawn into the party, which includes the tropes from movies like "She's All That," "Can't Hardly Wait" and about five flicks by John Hughes.

After Black gives Perry a makeover, complete with spandex, big hair and funky earrings, she's hanging with all of the cool kids. She's drinking, dancing, vomiting and falling over drunk, while the song's lyrics talk about regretting the Friday-night actions that are inevitably documented and spread online.

And, of course, it all comes back to Saturday morning, when a hungover Kathy is both pleased and shocked by what happened the night before, as her passed-out guests and Facebook page remind her of it all. Her parents arrive on the scene, but they don't seem too angry at her party-girl antics, maybe because they're played by Debbie Gibson and Corey Feldman. The only real casualty of the party? Kathy's solar system model!