Florence And The Machine Reveal Inspirations Behind New Album

Florence Welch talks fame and ghostly visits before her Bonnaroo set.

MANCHESTER, Tennessee — When Florence Welch began writing the songs that would become her breakout Lungs album, she was just 18 years old and had no idea of what lay ahead of her.

Now, as she begins putting the finishing touches on the follow up to that album — working in the iconic Abbey Road studios — she finds herself a few years older, but oddly enough, in much the same position.

"It's nearly finished, but, of course, that's the hardest part for me, because once it's finished, you have to share it with others," she told MTV News on Thursday before her sundown set at Bonnaroo. "So, I've found myself obsessing over the way I've sung one little word, and wanting to go back and do it over again. I'm going to try and hold onto it as long as possible."

While Welch admits the album is in its final stages, she still has a difficult time describing exactly what it sounds like. But from what she does say, it seems like the still-untitled effort won't sound like Lungs.

"I wrote so much of my first album at different times and places — some songs when I was 18, some when I was 21 — so there are so many pieces and styles on it," she said. "And that's one of the things I love about it, but for my new record, I wanted to do things differently. It's why I worked with one producer in one studio. I want to tie all those things together ... in one piece, if possible."

The new album also reflects everything that's happened to her on her rather rapid ascent to fame. But she's also taking inspiration from far different, far more ethereal places, too.

"There's a song on it that's inspired by a visit [from] my dead grandmother — like, I had really, really vivid dream about her and, um, she was giving me advice in this dream," she said. "And it was really emotional, and I woke up crying. And there's one song that's inspired by that experience."

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