'Super 8' Stars Super Tight-Lipped About 'Secret' Plot

We did manage to eke this tidbit out of Elle Fanning: 'People start going missing, dogs are running away.'

For fans who've been following the buzz surrounding J.J. Abrams' mystery-thriller "Super 8," know that there is, in fact, a big mystery at the center of the film. What that is, the filmmakers will not say, of course. (And those of us who have seen the film cannot and should not say.) In talking to the cast and filmmakers at the L.A. premiere, we had some fun soliciting the best theories they've heard about the secret — without giving anything away.

All jokes aside, though, we wondered what exactly the scene-stealing youngsters could say about the plot of J.J. Abrams-directed film? Not too much, it turns out. MTV News asked the young stars to give us their best non-spoilery "Super 8" summary of what the film is all about.

"I think that it's so hard to tell, it's hard to say," Elle Fanning said. "J.J.'s had us [keeping] the secret. The train crash happens, everything starts going wrong in the town, basically," she added. "People start going missing, dogs are running away."

"We're saying that whatever it is, it's scary," Ryan Lee said succinctly.

"A bunch of things disappear in the town," Gabriel Basso added.

"House appliances go missing, dogs go missing," Lee continued. "People go missing. Basically, throughout the whole thing, we're just trying to find out what's happening."

"It's a major event that changes this town's life forever," Riley Griffiths said.

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