'Breaking Dawn' Trailer: Four Lingering Questions

'Twilight' experts point out inconsistencies and omissions in the MTV Movie Awards-debuted sneak peek.

On Sunday morning, a few hours before the 2011 MTV Movie Awards went live and while the red carpet at the Gibson Amphitheatre was still a hive of pre-show activity, we welcomed three "Twilight" experts into the fray with a simple assignment: Take an early look at the "Breaking Dawn" teaser trailer, which we would be debuting during the Movie Awards, and let us know what you think.

They more than came through. Kara Hassell of TwilightersAnonymous.com, Laura Byrne-Cristiano of TwilightLexicon.com and Kallie Matthews from TwilightSeriesTheories.com analyzed the trailer like only die-hard "Twilight" specialists can. But there was too much info to pack into one story. And now that a few days have passed since the trailer's debut and the bloggers' opinions are still fresh in our minds, we have a few lingering questions we want answered in the future.

Two Wedding Rings?

Early in the trailer, we see Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan wearing a large diamond-incrusted ring — a family heirloom, as explained in the book. But as Matthews pointed out, when Bella notices she is pregnant in the trailer, she is wearing a simple silver band. What gives? Will the two-ring situation be explained? Matthews thinks she knows the answer already. "I'm thinking it's one of those things where the one ring really is an heirloom," she told us. "You put it away and wear it on special occasions."

Too Hot for PG-13?

Last summer, Summit Entertainment distribution chief Richie Fay assured us that, despite the book's sex scenes and horror-like elements, the adaptation would not be rated R. That hasn't stopped online talk, as Byrne-Cristiano put it, that "we've got to make this R." Well, now that we've seen the first trailer, it seems regardless of the PG-13 rating, the flick is going to be pretty steamy. Just how hot? Though we've gotten a peek — Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen cracking a headboard mid-coitus and the duo taking a honeymoon skinny dip — the real question about the heat factor will have to wait until we glimpse a different scene: the famous one with the feathers. "There are no feathers on the bed," she noted. "That's a well-known point that everyone wants. So in that trailer, there are three moments, and there's got to be another one."

What Else Has Changed?

The eagle-eyed Hassell noted two small but significant changes from "New Moon" to "Breaking Dawn." For one, Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays the blond vampire Caius, seems to have a reworked 'do. "His hair is A-plus!" she said. "A lot better than 'New Moon.' " And Hassell also noted the Volturi's thrones appear to have gotten a makeover. "It seems like the ones in 'New Moon' are more intricate," she said. "The ones in 'Breaking Dawn' are very square and not as ornate." It's hard to say what accounts for such changes; the same production designer, for example, worked on both films. But it does raise the question: What else has changed in the world of "Twilight" for these final films?

Will We See The Wedding Dress Before Opening Night?

While the trailer showed us much more than many predicted — a shirtless Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, Bella quizzically examining her pregnant belly — there was one thing we didn't catch a glimpse of: Bella's wedding dress. Might we see the gown in a subsequent trailer? Or will Summit hold that back until the film itself? "I'm hoping beyond hope that we get the wedding dress in the next trailer. I'm not holding my breath. I think we'll have to wait," said Hassel, adding, "I hope it's something classic that fits in with [author] Stephenie Meyer's vision. But Kristen's gorgeous. She'll look great in anything."

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