'Super 8' Cast Laugh Off Film's Mystery Theories

'They said Chuck Norris was in the train,' star Riley Griffiths tells us at the movie's premiere in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES — One of the more exciting things about the new J.J. Abrams-directed, Steven Spielberg-produced thriller "Super 8" is the overall mystery of the film. From the basic plot details that have been released, very little is known about what the heck the movie is about. Based on word of mouth and one key moment in the film's trailers that show something trying to escape a locked compartment on a train, there is a very mysterious "thing" or secret terrorizing a small town.

MTV News headed out to the film's star-studded premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday night to find out from the castmembers what crazy theories they've heard about what the "it" or "thing" or "big secret" is all about. Their answers were surprisingly varied and all over the map.

"I've seen on IMDb that a lot of people thought it was a giant lion," Zach Mills said. "I don't know why. That's the craziest thing I've heard."

"The funniest thing that someone has guessed what it is, they said Chuck Norris was in the train," Riley Griffiths revealed. "That's probably the funniest thing I've heard so far."

"I think someone said once on Facebook or something that it was the cube that Elle [Fanning] and Joel [Courtney] are looking at, and that [they think] it's some creature," Gabriel Basso said of a moment where Fanning and Courtney's characters are examining a vibrating white cube. "That was really funny. I laughed."

Ryan Lee's conspiracy theorists or secret guessers seemed to think that the mystery revolves around someone or something with a canine obsession.

"[They think] that the thing has a dog fetish," Lee revealed. "That's the funniest thing somebody has said to me about the mystery of the movie. They think that thing is hoarding dogs in its train, I guess."

And last but not least, the adult in the group, actor Kyle Chandler, recalled a theorist who thinks the mystery revolves around a certain fever- and frenzy-inducing pop star.

"Someone suggested to me that it was Justin Bieber," he said. "And it could be."

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