Britney Spears Will Be 'Extra Nervous' For Femme Fatale Tour Kickoff

Singer also divulges what she takes on tour with her to relax.

After giving fans a taste of the Femme Fatale stage setup, Britney Spears is opening up some more about her tour, just days away from its big launch. In an interview airing Wednesday night (June 8), Spears says that she's working hard to make sure that everything goes just right for the tour, which kicks off on June 16 with Nicki Minaj."I'm really excited," she told "Entertainment Tonight." "I'm probably going to be extra nervous the day before. We've been working hard for, like, two months now, and everything's coming together really good."

Spears has been working out and trying to get herself into tip-top shape so that she can get through the dance-heavy set. "It can be kind of [grueling], especially when you're onstage and you're on your eighth number," she explained. "You get really winded and you're like, 'How can I do the rest of the show?' But I've been training for a while and I actually — before I come to rehearsals — I've been working out and stuff like that so I won't have that predicament. I run a lot."

Online footage shows the singer practicing dance numbers for "Up n' Down," "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" and "How I Roll," which includes props and high-energy backup dancers.

So, what does Britney need to stay grounded and relaxed on tour? "My pillow from home," she said, giggling. "I have to have my pillow and I love watching old episodes of 'Sex and the City.' As long as I have all the seasons with me, I can go to and watch them and be entertained on the bus. That's a must-have."

In addition to the tour, Spears is on the brink of releasing her latest video off the album, for the track "I Wanna Go." She hooked up with director Chris Marrs Piliero for the clip. On the cover for the single, the former Mouseketeer appears smiling, her hair down with some funky multicolored highlights in it, wearing a barely there mini-shirt emblazoned with a skull with Mickey Mouse ears.