'Breaking Dawn' Trailer: More Squeal-Filled Fan Reactions

One viewer even pretends to faint at the sight of shirtless Taylor Lautner.

Christmas came early for the "Twilight" fans of the world, in the form of the trailer for [movie id="45404"]"Breaking Dawn - Part 1" [/movie]during Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. Two days later, and the most die-hard fans still can't get enough of watching and re-watching the nearly two-minute extravaganza.

Because we anticipated a few over-the-top enthusiastic responses, MTV News asked fans to upload their "Breaking Dawn" trailer reactions to Your.MTV.com, and the top three aired on MTV's "The Seven," on Monday. But since we received so many wonderful reaction videos, we felt that we needed to highlight a few more.

This latest group features similar themes of breathlessness, wide-eyed enthusiasm and, of course, squeals of delight. One video features five young girls perched on a couch in a room surrounded by "Team Edward" paraphernalia, all of them remaining mostly composed, until one little lady pretends to faint after seeing shirtless Taylor Lautner.


The reactions from Emily and Lizzy in Haysville, Kansas, go from smiley to stunned to squealy. Also notable is the fact that a young guy is hanging out in the background, probably a brother or friend, who tries to sit through the ladies' screams but bails halfway through.

Finally, uploader ayLa94kLd submitted footage of herself and her sister's reactions. The lively duo were the first reactors we've seen to offer a bit of running commentary throughout. At one point, the older sis playfully smacks her younger sister to keep her from fully freaking out.

In addition to those video reactions, we have a few more thoughts, written by our readers in the comments section under the first trailer-reaction story we posted.

"THAT TRAILER WAS AWESOME!!!" exclaimed Tucheer83. "I loved their reactions. Mine was worse. I was literally running around the house. I couldn't believe [director Bill] Condon actually gave us the headboard breaking. I so love that man. No wonder Jennifer Hudson got an Oscar [for Condon's 'Dreamgirls']. This guy is good!!! 'New Moon' used to be my favorite trailer, but Condon beat it hands down — but not by much."

"I loved the trailer," Shari44 wrote. "My biggest squeals came when I got a glimpse of Bella looking into Edward's eyes in her wedding veil. Just beautiful. Second squeal and a little giggle was when he was gripping the headboard during a passionate moment," she added. "When Edward and Bella were snuggling together, then when we could see her belly with the first signs of pregnancy. Awesome trailer. Loved it all. Any Edward moment makes me sigh at the very least."

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