'Transformers' Stars Survive 'Jumping Through Fire'

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley says 'Dark of the Moon' director Michael Bay usually had her 'hiding underneath something that was about to explode.'

It's almost a given that stunt work on a flick like "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" would be intense. The cast of the Michael Bay-directed movie expected as much, and they were more than up for the challenge.

"I loved doing the stunts," Rosie Huntington-Whiteley told MTV News, adding that she thought Bay "really respected a girl that could get her hands dirty."

"Dark of the Moon," which hits theaters on June 29, is Huntington-Whiteley's first appearance in the franchise but she seemed to revel in all of the action. "Everything was a first for me, so it was super exhilarating and exciting. ... And we had a lot of fun filming. Every day was a crazy day on set and I think maybe half the time, I was in a harness or jumping through fire or I was running through gunfire or, like, hiding underneath something that was about to explode."


Fellow "Transformers" newcomer Patrick Dempsey was equally into it, dishing about the technology Bay used to show the cast how he wanted certain scenes to turn out. "I had some sequences; a lot of explosions," he said. "He was very good about showing us what the sequence would be like on his iPad. That helped tremendously."

Three films in, Josh Duhamel and Shia LaBeouf were looking forward to getting in on the action, even if it seemed dangerous.

"A lot of the times they don't let us do stuff like that, but Shia and I both teamed up on Michael to let us do this one stunt," Duhamel recalled. "It was pretty nuts. They tied us on to these latches and they yank you 50 feet up in the air and they yank you back up, but it turned out to be really fun and this is the reason why I love these movies, 'cause you get to do stuff you don't get to do otherwise."

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