'Twilight' Rookie Noel Fisher Opens Up About 'Breaking Dawn'

'There's a lot of joking and having a good time,' he tells MTV News of vibe on set.

The cast of "The Twilight Saga" might have won all their MTV Movie Awards for "Eclipse," but the real focus was on the trailer for "Breaking Dawn."

Because the hype is so strong for the fourth installment of "The Twilight Saga," newcomer Noel Fisher was invited to attend his first MTV Movie Awards. Fisher, who plays Vladimir in "Breaking Dawn," described the experience as "way next level."

Fisher won't hit the big screen until "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" comes out in 2012, and he was completely unwilling to share any plot tidbits when MTV News caught up with him on the red carpet.

"Can't tell you about that yet! I'm in the second movie, I can tell you that. But other than that, can't tell you too much about the actual script or what happens in it," he said with a laugh.


Since it was his first Movie Awards and the rest of the "Twilight" cast's third, MTV asked if any of his co-stars gave him some words of advice for walking the red carpet.

"The biggest piece of advice I found was just be yourself," he said. "The really nice thing about it is that everyone is so friendly, so just kind of relax and be yourself and get to meet people."

Fisher said he had a similarly good experience on the set of "Breaking Dawn," where everyone welcomed him in as part of the "Twilight" family. The vibe on set was "really fun," he said, especially since Vladimir comes into the story at a point when many other new characters join up with the Cullens as well.

"One of the best parts about doing this for me was everyone was really friendly. They have such a nice camaraderie and such a nice repartee back and forth. You can see it onscreen, [and] it's very much offscreen [too]. There's a lot of joking and having a good time," he said. "They're all very professional and they can do that, and then they can turn in and be in what they need to be in. It was really nice."

Another exciting part of coming to the Movie Awards for Fisher was the chance to see the exclusive "Breaking Dawn" trailer. Unfortunately someone leaked the sneak peek before the Movie Awards started, but Fisher said he held off on watching the video so he could see it at the show.

He said he was a bit upset about the fact that it had been leaked ahead of time and the fact that "Twilight" exclusives have been leaked in the past.

"There's a lot of excitement about the movie and people want to see it really badly, but I think that the point of it, you kind of have to hold on to it and just let it come. It's more satisfying," Fisher said.

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