Britney Spears Offers A Glimpse At Femme Fatale Stage

'It's beautiful,' pop star says in an online video as she sees the setup for the first time.

Wondering what the Femme Fatale Tour will look like when it kicks off next week? Well, wonder no more! [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] offered up a tease of the stage in a new video posted online.

"Oh my God!" she squealed walking into the room seeing the setup for the first time. "I love it!"

Spears walked the stage with her managers, giving fans a taste of what's to come once the shows kick off June 16 in Sacramento, California, with opening act Nicki Minaj. The stage has it all: lights, video screens, a funky neon-colored floor, lasers, lifts and giant butterfly wings.

"It's beautiful," Spears said as she listened to her music blast over the loud speakers and checked out the way the lights and video would play during what appears to be a reworked version of "Hold It Against Me" that included more electric guitar.

"The Femme Fatale Tour will hopefully just be outrageously spectacular," Spears recently said about the multi-city arena tour. "I'm just hoping that the choreographers will come up with just the most outrageous things, and I'm really excited. ... This is one of the most excited I've been about a project in a really long time, so I can't wait."

Minaj is just as excited about the tour, and she knows she has to go big to match the spectacle of a Britney show. "I'm just trying to put more theater on that stage. So much to me is music, but it's also about putting on a show, so that's my goal: to truly put on a show and incorporate theater and dance," she explained. "I think it's pretty easy to take it to the next level ... I think I'm nowhere close to where I could be as far as my shows have been."

Spears' longtime manager Larry Rudolph teased the tour's theme months ago when he spoke to us in Las Vegas before Spears played a mini-set for an excited room of fans at the Palms Hotel and Casino. Even then, Rudolph knew Brit's track "Till the World Ends" would play into the theme.

" 'Till the World Ends' keeps becoming a theme for us," he said back in March. "The way we come up with a concept for a show like this is we sit with Britney, she talks to us about what she's interested in and what excites her. We start with the songs on the album; we start with coming up with general, broad concepts. She tells us what interests her and excites her."

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