'Breaking Dawn' Trailer: Best Fan Squeals And Sighs

Twilighters recorded their reactions to the teaser, and we picked our faves.

At the 2011 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner presented the first look at the trailer for [movie id="454504"]"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1."[/movie] Knowing what a fan frenzy the first teaser would create, we asked our dedicated viewers and readers to record and upload their squeal-tastic "Breaking Dawn" reactions to Your.MTV.com, and promised that the top videos would air on MTV's "The Seven" on Monday (June 6).

Naturally, you did not disappoint. The winning video is, as expected, chock-full of all the things we've come to know and love from the most die-hard "Twilight" fans: girlish squeals and gasps of delight, jumping up and down, sighs and swoons all over the place. It is filled with such genuine adoration and emotion, it's almost impossible not to be charmed by the two adorable young ladies from Denmark, who posted their video with the user name AgneteFlygerHansen.


In addition to the delighted Danes, Sophia from Hawaii sent in her less vocal but equally intense reaction, followed by Jessika from Tennessee, who tried to control her excited screams by reacting silently. She puts her hands in front of her face, jumps up and down a bit, giddily, but keeps herself from going from silent, shaky glee to full-on screaming. Finally, there is RPad in Michigan, who also practices some of the quiet restraint Jessika did, but in doing so, comes closer to shedding more tears of joy than her fellow submitters.

The reactions don't stop there. We also solicited expert opinions from a few of the most devoted and trusted fan sites.

"I am blown away. I can't believe they showed as much as they did," Kara Hassell of TwilightersAnonymous.com gushed. "I'm so excited. I didn't think they would hit as many points as they did. I am very pleased with Bill Condon and how he treated it."

"Completely amazing, completely mind-blowing. Up until this, my favorite trailer was the 'New Moon' trailer, and Bill Condon definitely got Chris Weitz; it's got everything in it that you need," said Laura Byrne-Cristiano of TwilightLexicon.com.

"That's pretty steamy for a PG-13 movie," she added. "The thing that made me laugh in a good way right away was Rob Pattinson gripping that headboard, and hearing that crack noise is spectacular."

"The trailer was fantastic," Kallie Matthews from TwilightSeriesTheories.com weighed in. "It had way more than I thought it would, but it still just wasn't quite enough. ... I was so excited that they had Bella pregnant. The fans are excited about that and we got to see it. I am thrilled; can't wait to see the next."

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