Reese Witherspoon Says Robert Pattinson Underestimated Her 'Lesbian-ness'

'Twilight' actor surprises 2011 MTV Movie Awards audience as he presents Generation Award to his friend.

When it was announced that Reese Witherspoon would receive the coveted Generation Award at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, we expected plenty of fanfare to surround her presentation and acceptance of the award — especially since her buddy Chelsea Handler and onetime co-stars Patrick Dempsey and Robert Pattinson were her A-list presenting team. What we did not expect, however, was Pattinson's creative ad-libbing, which included an already-infamous "F bomb" and referring to Witherspoon as "33 percent lesbian."

MTV News caught up with Witherspoon right after her acceptance to find out what receiving the Generation Award meant to her and, most importantly, what she thought of the "Twilight" actor's comments.

About accepting the award in front of the massive Movie Awards audience, the actress said, "It was good — except for Rob Pattinson. I mean, really: He called me 33 percent lesbian, which was a gross underestimation of my lesbian-ness," she joked.

Really? What percentage would Witherspoon give herself, pray tell? "At least 55 [percent]," she said, laughing playfully. "I mean, what? Not enough."

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With regard to Pattinson, Witherspoon seemed to shrug off whatever awkwardness he sustained during his presentation, and emphasized the fact that no matter what, the two of them are "really good friends."

"We laugh a lot," Witherspoon said of their friendship, which began on the set of the 2004 drama "Vanity Fair" and continued as they worked together in this year's romance "Water for Elephants."

"He's cool. You have good friends, you have people you make lasting relationships [with]. It's definitely a relationship I really value in my life," she said sincerely.

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