Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy Whip MTV News Reporter Into Shape

In a special Movie Awards edition of 'After Hours,' Josh Horowitz learns the proper way to interview celebs.

With tonight's MTV Movie Awards, MTV News' crack interviewer Josh Horowitz needed to get his interviewing skills in tiptop shape, because, based on some of the recent chats he's had with big-time celebrities, he was far from prepared.

In the three MTV Movie Awards editions of "After Hours," Horowitz is run through the wringer to get his interviewing skills up to par. Apparently, over the past few months of junket interviews, from the Tribeca Film Festival to chatting with the cast of "Bad Teacher," Horowitz has performed a series of question faux pas that have made our friendly neighborhood celebrities a bit uncomfortable.

Sorry, Horowitz, but Keanu Reeves isn't a fan of suggestions that he should change his name, and Dwayne Johnson doesn't like hearing that he's packed on a few pounds and is now doughy. Cameron Diaz definitely doesn't want your bottom in her face, and Olivia Wilde has heard that she is pretty often enough.

Fortunately, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence have come in to put Horowitz in his place and teach him a thing or two about good reporting techniques -- and how to be better than Mario Lopez. Step one: bronzer, bronzer and more bronzer.

Once Horowitz was tan enough, Lawrence demanded he lose the glasses. After he raised some concerns about the whole not-being-able-to-see thing, Lawrence replied angrily, "Mario Lopez is legally blind and that's never stopped him. Glasses off!"

After running him through a host of temperamental A-lister behaviors -- demanding he ask her about her love life and then sweetly declining to answer his questions -- McAvoy took over. Step two: Hit the gym.

Wearing an X-Men T-shirt and a tortured expression, Horowitz was put through McAvoy's rigorous workout regimen, including push-ups while being antagonized about interviewing Angelina Jolie and being riled up about Mario Lopez while hitting a punching bag.

The final step of McAvoy's training plan? A big ol' smooch on Horowitz's lips. Hopefully, that will be enough to put Horowitz on the right page for the Movie Awards.

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