'30 Minutes Or Less' Stars Explain Taylor Lautner's Rumored Cameo

Aziz Ansari and Nick Swardson keep the rumor going at MTV's Sneak Peek Week.

Ruben Fleischer, in his directorial debut, established himself as a savvy proponent of the celebrity cameo. Midway through 2009's "Zombieland," Bill Murray popped up in perfect out-of-nowhere fashion to steal some scenes and leave everyone wondering, "How'd they convince a comedy legend to dress up in zombie makeup and send up his own larger-than-life persona?"

And when Fleischer embarked upon his second feature, the action/comedy "30 Minutes or Less," rumors began to swirl that the director had done it again, albeit with a far younger Hollywood player. Last summer, the Web began to buzz with word that Taylor Lautner had dropped into the Grand Rapids, Michigan set to shoot a cameo. Could it be true? When MTV News visited the set a few weeks later, Fleischer's lips were sealed when we asked about the Twi-cameo.

On Friday night (June 3), at MTV's Sneak Peak Week presentation of "30 Minutes," it turned out that Lautner, in fact, was not in the film. So, during the post-screening Q&A, we put the question to Fleischer and stars Aziz Ansari and Nick Swardson.

"He's in it!" Ansari said.

Wait, what? Did we somehow miss the most famous abs in Hollywood?

"He plays a bum," Swardson chimed in.

Or not. The whole thing, it turns out, was just a rumor. "I read that somewhere. I was like, 'I didn't know about that,' " Ansari said, before reconsidering. Perhaps the suggestion that the "Twilight" star shows his face onscreen can goose the film's box-office prospects.

"Let's start that rumor," Ansari cracked. "People like him, right? Just say he's in the movie. 'That Lautner cameo is dope, man! You gotta see that movie with Taylor Lautner!' I'm just going to say that at the MTV Movie Awards. 'Taylor Lautner's in "30 Minutes or Less" Good night!' "

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