Joe Jonas Drops Solo Single 'See No More'

Jonas co-wrote song, which appears on his upcoming solo LP, with Chris Brown.

In another tale of bandmate gone solo, Joe Jonas has officially begun the start of his solo music career with the release of his first single, "See No More." After releasing an online video teaser for the Brian Kennedy-produced track last week, the solo JoBro took to Chicago radio station


of-see-no-more/" target="_blank">96.3 FM on Friday morning (June 3) to premiere the tune.

"It's exciting, you know? I mean, having my brothers' support in this whole project is the biggest thing for me and the fact that they're loving the music and everything," the singer told morning DJs J & Julian about his solo venture. "Being onstage by myself, you know? It will be different for sure. I know there's going to be that little bit of jitters that I'll have to get out of me that are just going to be there."

"See No More," which Jonas co-wrote with Chris Brown, is the 21-year-old's tale of a man dealing with a broken relationship. After unveiling some of his lover's dirty laundry, Jonas admits that "heartache became my friend." Atop a flickering Pop & B beat, the JoBro vocally plays his part by offering vulnerable falsettos and switching quickly to belting wails throughout the cut.

"I don't want to wait for you/ I don't want to wake up thinking, hoping you'll get it right this time/ 'Cause you know that you so cold/ I don't want to see no more," he sings during the chorus, sounding a bit like Brown.

"See No More" will be available for download on iTunes beginning June 13. With additional production credits by Danja and Rob Knox, Jonas'

solo album will follow months later when it hits stores on September 6.

MTV News recently chatted with Jonas at Wango Tango, where the pop star gushed that he was "very excited" and "looking forward" to finally unveiling the brand-new tune.

Despite Breezy's writing contribution, Jonas said that he isn't sure whether the pop star will appear in the upcoming clip, explaining, "Not sure if there's plans for him to be in the video, but I think it's always really cool to be able to write with other artists and work with them, especially someone as talented as Chris. So excited [for the release, though]. It's a dream come true to have people listen to them for the first time."

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