Emma Stone And Bryce Dallas Howard Bond Over 'Spider-Man' Role

New Gwen Stacy says 'it was pretty great to be together' on 'The Help' set when she learned the casting news.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — In a weird twist of fate, Emma Stone found out she'd be playing Gwen Stacy in the latest installment of "Spider-Man" while on the set of "The Help" co-starring the previous franchise's Gwen, Bryce Dallas Howard.

"I found out while I was on set of 'The Help,' " she said about the Andrew Garfield-starring "Amazing Spider-Man" during "The Help" Q&A session for MTV's Sneak Peek Week. "It was pretty great to be together for that."

Howard said she was almost as excited about the casting as Stone was. "Representing as redheads!" she proclaimed onstage in front of an excited crowd at the Pacific Design Center. "I'm one of those people that goes online and reads gossip about movies, so pretty early on, there was some buzz," she said, adding that she stormed into Stone's trailer the minute she heard the news. "I was stoked."

With so much buzz about the new "Spider-Man" film, it seems that Stone will be just as surprised as fans to see the flick.

"I've seen nothing, I promise. I've seen small action sequences for the 3-D, and it looked terrible," she joked. "I really haven't seen [anything]."

So what did Stone do to research the role of Gwen — besides leaning on Howard for her first-hand account, of course.

"I read a pretty comprehensive 'Death of the Stacys' book ... and it's a really amazing book to learn the story of Captain Stacy and Gwen Stacy," she said. "And I've read a various amount of comics."

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