Cali Swag Talk Inspiration Behind M-Bone Tribute 'How To Do That'

'We wanted to do a song that's not sad, because M-Bone, he wasn't a sad person,' CSD's Yung tells MTV News.

Mante "M-Bone" Talbert was the life of the party, and for their tribute song to their fallen bandmate, [artist id="3573337"]Cali Swag District[/artist] wanted to reflect that. Last week CSD released "How to Do That," a single dedicated to M-Bone, who was tragically gunned down in Inglewood, California, on May 15.

"We wanted to do a song that's not sad, because M-Bone, he wasn't a sad person," Cali Swag's Yung told MTV News. "He was always hyper, had a lot of energy, loud. We want people to dance, we don't want people to sit down and cry when they think about M-Bone. We want people to smile and dance."

The track, which was produced by Poly Rob, has popping 808s and hand-clapping snares. Over the dance track, JayAre, Yung and C-Smoove all eulogize Bone in their own unique ways. But for Smoove, it wasn't easy, as he is still getting used to being in the studio without Talbert. "They did their verses and then I came later, but it was just like, it's weird being at the studio now. I feel like, 'Ehhh,' " he said. "I go up there, I still check in and stuff, I still record, but it's just different. I stay home most of the time, and then if I need to do a song, I'll go do a song, then I'll probably leave. I don't know, at the moment, I still gotta sit back and take it all in, before I can go back and just chill up there all the time."

Smoove took his time writing his portion of the song, making sure that his lyrics felt right. "I took forever to write my verse. I took a long time to write 16 bars. I wanted it to be and feel like I meant what I was saying," he said. "I had to make the lyrics fit the beat and make people still want to move to it and not bring 'em down by what I was saying."

On Friday, Talbert's family, friends and fans laid him to rest. His funeral service and burial were open to the public. Inglewood police are still investigating his murder and are asking anyone with information to come forward and call its homicide division at (310) 412-5246 or its 24-hour anonymous hotline at (888) 41-CRIME (888-412-7463).