Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner Meet MTV Movie Awards Host Jason Sudeikis

'SNL' star gets a little creepy with the nominees in new promos for the show.

Ever since "Twilight" sank its fangs into the pop-culture landscape, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have played major roles at the MTV Movie Awards. For the past few shows, they've appeared in movie spoofs, introduced exclusive franchise footage, kissed their co-stars and even accidently dropped a Golden Popcorn onstage.

For the 2011 Movie Awards, the actors decided to get involved in the action a little bit earlier. Not that they had a choice in the matter, as two new promo spots make clear. Host Jason Sudeikis follows up on his desire to meet the nominees before showtime (he's already shared face time with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Stone and Leighton Meester), and the "SNL" funnyman surprises the "Twilight" stars in some unlikely places.

In Stewart's clip, she has just settled in to get her hair cut, when Sudeikis pops into her dressing room. "You're not my hairdresser," she tells him. "Good eye!" he responds. But the two quickly hit it off, and it's not long before he's plopping a bowl on her head and snipping away. Say goodbye to Bella Swan's long locks!

In the other spot, Lautner hails a New York City cab, only to realize Sudeikis is behind the wheel, though he admits to being "a terrible driver." Lautner tries to escape, but the Movie Awards host locks the doors. "That's weird," the Twi-werewolf tells him. Weirder still is that Sudeikis confesses he stole the taxi, and as the police sirens swirl in the background, he leaves poor Taylor locked in the car plaintively crying, "Jason!"

Hopefully, he'll find his way out by June 5, when the 2011 MTV Movie Awards air live at 9 p.m. ET from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California. Voting in all categories, from Best Villain to Best Line from a Movie, is now under way at Voting is set to close on June 4. But voting for Best Movie will stay open through the show itself, meaning you have the chance to affect the night's biggest winner up until the very last minute.

Will vampires and werewolves own the 2011 MTV Movie Awards? Can wizards or dream thieves steal the Golden Popcorn? Find out on June 5, when the 20th annual show airs live at 9 p.m. ET/PT. To get into the magical movie mood, we're kicking off a Sneak Peek Week starting on May 30 — five days of exclusives and interviews with the casts of "Fright Night, "Horrible Bosses" and more. Check out everything there is to know about Sneak Peek Week and the Movie Awards at!